Fri 20 Jan 2023 09:00 - 09:25 at Avenue34 - Types II Chair(s): Alan Jeffrey

The typed \emph{merge operator} offers the promise of a compositional
style of statically-typed programming in which solutions to
the expression problem arise naturally. This approach, dubbed
\emph{compositional programming}, has recently been demonstrated by
Zhang et al.

Unfortunately, the merge operator is an unwieldy beast. Merging values from
overlapping types may be ambiguous, so
\emph{disjointness relations} have been introduced to rule out undesired
nondeterminism and obtain a well-behaved semantics. Past type systems using a
disjoint merge operator rely on intersection types, but extending such systems
to include union types or overloaded functions is problematic: naively adding
either reintroduces ambiguity. In a nutshell: the elimination forms of unions
and overloaded functions require values to be distinguishable by case analysis,
but the merge operator can create exotic values that violate that

This paper presents $\mathrm{F}_{\bowtie}$, a core language that demonstrates how unions,
intersections, and overloading can all coexist with a tame merge operator. The
key is an underlying design principle that states that any two inhabited types can support
either the deterministic merging of their values, or the ability to distinguish
their values, but never both. To realize this invariant, we decompose
previously studied notions of disjointness into two new, dual relations that
permit the operation that best suits each pair of types. This duality respects
the polarization of the type structure, yielding an expressive language that we
prove to be both type safe and deterministic.

Fri 20 Jan

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