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Name:Adam Chlipala

Started hacking on compilers & web-development tools in the late 1990s. Finished CS undergrad at Carnegie Mellon in 2003 and CS PhD at Berkeley in 2007, picking up mechanized proof of executable, decently practical systems with Coq as a main focus in between. Postdoc at Harvard through 2011, then faculty at MIT since. Author of Certified Programming with Dependent Types, a popular online & in-print introduction to using Coq at scale. Lately into building practical but clean-slate hardware-software stacks with end-to-end Coq proofs of everything digital, at the same time as developing a startup-company idea to trick ordinary people into using dependent types (with Ur/Web) to generate their business applications.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Research interests:Programming Languages, Formal Methods, Computer Systems, Security


CoqPL 2023 Pyrosome: A Framework for Modular, Extensible, Equivalence-Preserving Compilation
CPP 2023 Session Chair of Formalized Mathematics I (part of CPP 2023)
Committee Member in Steering Committee within the CPP 2023-track
PEPM 2023 Fast Cryptographic Code via Partial Evaluation
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