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Name:Steven Holtzen

I am an assistant professor at Northeastern University. My research focuses on programming languages, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. My goal is to design systems that make probabilistic modeling fast, accessible, and useful for solving every day reasoning tasks. Broadly my research focuses on (1) The design, implementation, and applications of probabilistic programming languages; (2) Foundations of probabilistic inference and tractable probabilistic modeling; (3) Automated reasoning and probabilistic verification.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Northeastern University
Research interests:Machine Learning, Probabilistic Programming, Program Analysis, Computer Security


POPL 2023 Session Chair of Probabilistic Inference (part of POPL)
LAFI 2023 Session Chair of Second Session (part of LAFI 2023)
Session Chair of Third Session (part of LAFI 2023)
New foundations for probabilistic separation logic
Opening Comments
Co-chair in Program Committee within the LAFI 2023-track
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the LAFI 2023-track
Session Chair of First Session (part of LAFI 2023)
Bit-Blasting Probabilistic Programs
Session Chair of Poster Session (part of LAFI 2023)
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