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Name:Wonyeol Lee

Wonyeol Lee is a final year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University advised by Alex Aiken. In 2017-2020, he was a researcher at KAIST to serve mandatory military service, working with Hongseok Yang. He received a BS degree in Computer Science & Mathematics from POSTECH. He is a recipient of the Samsung Scholarship.

He likes to raise and solve fundamental / theoretical questions in programming languages (PL) and machine learning (ML) that are connected to practice. In particular, he is interested in identifying and addressing various challenges in ML that arise from discrepancies between the theory and practice of ML, especially the following: in theory, mathematical functions of interest are assumed to be “well-behaved”, but in practice, they are represented by programs which can be easily “ill-behaved”.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Stanford University
Research interests:Correctness (verification | program analysis), Numerical Programs (probabilistic | differentiable | floating-point), Differentiation (non-differentiability | automatic differentiation | gradient estimation), Probabilistic Inference (variational inference)


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