Sun 15 Jan 2023 14:00 - 14:25 at Kenmore - Session #3 Chair(s): Shrutarshi Basu, Jonathan Protzenko, Emma Tosch

Implementing computer programs from legislative specifications has been a longstanding academic endeavor. However, few of these experiments has so far sought to replicate a computer program that is already in production in public administration; most of them have created new programs or formalizations that cover sections of the law not previously automatically enforced by public administration.

Building on the work around the Catala domain-specific language, we have chosen to engage in an exercice of replication of the existing IT system that computes the French housing benefits (and various other benefits) within the CNAF administrative agency, CRISTAL. More general context and main non-technical findings of this replication exercise can be found in another article; this presentation will focus on the challenges and lessons learned about the programming act itself, in an effort of consolidation of knowledge for this line of research.

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PhD candidate at the Prosecco team at Inria, under the supervision of Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Jonathan Protzenko.

Sun 15 Jan

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