Sun 15 Jan 2023 15:15 - 15:25 at Kenmore - Session #3 Chair(s): Shrutarshi Basu, Jonathan Protzenko, Emma Tosch

The Dynamic Condition Response (DCR) Graph notation is a formal, declarative language developed for maintainable digitalization of decision rules and temporal constraints as found in legal regulations and business processes. The language is supported by mature online design and simulation tools usable by domain experts and a rule engine that can be embedded in 3rd party workflow and decision support systems, either as a module or as a service. In this talk we briefly introduce the DCR Graph language and demonstrate the tool stack with an examples from the danish law on social services, GDPR and Covid-19 guidelines. We end by giving indications on future work.

Thomas has been Professor at Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University and head of the Software, Data, People & Society research section since 2018. He completed his PhD in semantics for concurrent systems at Aarhus University 1999 and was employed at IT University of Copenhagen from 1999 to 2018. He has since 2007 in particular worked on declarative languages for executable law and flexible workflow systems, leading to the DCR Graph notation and tools developed and sold by the company

Sun 15 Jan

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